Getting In Contact With A Real Person Should Be Easy

And with The Original Fly Orb, it is. If you have any questions at all about our product or want to track your current order, you can simply email us any time at theoriginalflyorb@gmail.com. Don't worry, you will hear back from us quickly - as it is the 21st century and all inquiries go directly to our phone!

BEFORE YOU CONTACT US - If you are looking for an update on your order, please make sure you ordered from us first. We get tons of emails every day from customers of our competitors, who usually are knock offs drop shipping items from China. Thank you!!

Our promise to you is that it will always be a live person you are speaking to when reaching out to contact us. No spam emails etc! Feel free to use the below form for ease of use.

Thank you for your patience, and thank you for trusting The Original Fly Orb.